A League of Extraordinary Admen & Women

by Kevin Eisenbaum

fantasyfootballOur agency is gearing up for a major change – and if you walk the halls of Richards/Carlberg today, you can already see it happening. Once friendly coworkers, known to greet each other with morning pleasantries, now greet each other with a scowl. Just the other day, a brand manager threatened to “take down” the Senior Copywriter. I saw it with my own eyes. Mockery, “evil eyes,” and trash talk are becoming an ordinary occurrence around our office.

You see…our agency is gearing up for a major change – because the third annual Richards/Carlberg Fantasy Football season is upon us.

Over the past two seasons as R/C Fantasy Football commissioner, I’ve learned three things:

  1. Advertising professionals are darn competitive.
  2. Josh (Senior Copywriter/Two-time defending champ) must be cheating.
  3. And if he’s not, he must be stopped.

Friday, August 26, is a day we Fantasy Footballers at the agency have been looking forward to for a long time: Draft Day. Because Fantasy Football isn’t just some random game we do in the fall during our free time. It’s an easy way to bring us all together socially on a weekly basis. Every week we update our teams for head-to-head competitions – prompting smack talk, high fives, friendly banter and the always-important agency bonding.

In fact, I’d even argue Fantasy Football has a direct correlation to the great work we do around here. When Stephanie in Brand Media grabs the perfect running back off the waiver wire, I like to think that motivates her to grab the perfect billboard off the highway. When Josh thinks of the best comeback to someone’s smack talk, it’s his inspiration for the best headline. Even when Michelle wonderfully manages each and every one of her players – that must be related to the personalized care and attention she gives each and every one of her clients.

So even though things are changing over here at Richards/Carlberg, they’re changing for the better. Over the next 16 weeks, our agency will become more competitive, harder working and more determined to achieve greatness – both in our league and in our jobs.

And it’s all thanks to Fantasy Football.